Watch The New Toyota Hilux Miserably Failing Moose Test!

The Moose test is done in order to see how a vehicle reacts when suddenly an obstacle appears in its way. Of course, the driver who is testing the vehicle is aware of the upcoming obstacle. However, the point of this test is to find out how the vehicle behaves after immediately veering. As you might expect, with heavy vehicles like trucks, this test is both difficult and important. It`s a very crucial test because when you suddenly react to an upcoming obstacle with a vehicle like this, you can experience a rollover. However, it looks like the new 2016 Hilux Toyota is not really prepared for an event like this.

The Moose test has been very unkind to the Hilux. In 2007, the Hilux was shown to be very bad at preserving balance. In comparison, not much has changed with the new 2016 Hilux Toyota. This recent Moose test shows that this truck still has trouble staying firmly fixed on the ground. Just imagine the consequences if this happens in real life. It`s will get more than a bit hairy. When they used 17-inch tires on the new Hilux, it made the behavior slightly better. Nevertheless, nine years has passed, you would expect something to evolve. It`s not good enough, not even close.

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