Trailer Weight Distribution! Learn More About The Load Balance When Towing!

Towing might seem like a simple thing. You just use your trailer to tug along something to your desired destination. Well, while it sounds simple enough, there are many things that can make this task easier or much harder. In this video, we have a perfect reminder of how important load balance when towing really is.

Trailer weight distribution 2

For example, if your cargo is excessively forward can mean a very bad outcome. The load could damage the hitch, wreaking disaster on the tow rig`s suspension. Shifting the load far to the back of the trailer should be avoided at any cost as well.

Having the load far to the trailer`s rear can cause a chaotic swaying effect. As you can imagine, this can set up an entirely new group of problems and obstacles. Just take a look at this accurate simulation what happens when there is an improper load balance. That car is swaying like crazy. You need to make sure that your load is distributed evenly across the trailer. We think that about 60 percent of your load should be positioned ahead of the axle. But keep in mind that it should not be too far. Make sure to watch the video and share with us your thoughts.

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