Truck Loaded To The Hilt & Driven Pretty FAST! Looks Scary!

A pretty disturbing footage comes from the Balkans – Bosnia to be more precise where either a crazy or a very experienced truck driver transports huge woodpiles! His truck is LOADED to the hilt! An overweight truck both in width and height! We suppose that the center of gravity is above 8 feet in height! The wood is not covered at all, so there is nothing that can stop it from falling off the truck!

There are several reasons why this truck driver should be taking consequences: First of all – the truck seems to be pretty old to be driven that fast! Second – The road is not the safest one in the world, it is situated in a rocky mountain area in Bosnia and Herzegovina with a scary view beneath! Moreover, it has many curves and the truck is obviously overloaded! We must say it is kind of a courageous thing to drive behind this guy and film him at the same time. In fact, the guy who is filming this while overtaking on the windy and scary road might be doing an equally dangerous thing as the overweight truck! We know a lot of people would`ve been scared overtaking this overweight truck!

But, as always we hope for the best. We suppose nothing bad happened and the woodpiles were transported safely to their owner. The truck driver is probably experienced enough since he took that big of a responsibility on his own shoulders! However, if you go fast and brake hard into a corner with this kind of an old and overweight truck even 100 years of experience won`t save this driver! A very dangerous thing indeed! We really wonder if this dangerous truck driver was stopped along the way and fined heavily! Without further delay, we invite you to see the video bellow and see if you have ever experienced anything similar!

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