OMG! Dangerous 1000 HP Big Block Chevy Bel Air 1957!

If somehow the Mad Max franchise scenario was actually a description of the real life, this would have been the kind of car that cops like Max Rockatanasky and his colleagues from the special highway patrol unit would have been driving! I`m not trying to put down the 1979 Ford Falcon XB GT – The Interceptor, but simply describing my impressions and feelings about this monster of a car 1000 HP Big Block Chevy Bel Air with an engine so powerful!

You have got to give it to the guy! Bravo Maestro! This is by far one of the best Chevy Bel Air I have ever seen! Great black paint job, a monstrous appearance and an engine power that make your neck skin crawl! As you are about to see in the video, just after you start the ignition, the 540 ci Merlin big block begins making a sound that is music for your ears. And than a little burnout, just to show off only a small part of its potential.

This 1000 HP Big Block Chevy Bel Air  video was actually made for advertisement purposes about two years ago, as the car was up for a sale. I do not know what happened to it, but the point is that this is one of the best tuned up Chevy Bel Airs I have ever seen!

Anyway, these are the world’s biggest engine!

Enjoy the video below!

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