2600HP 1968 Ford Falcon! This BEAST Will Blow Your Mind!

This 1968 Ford Falcon is with 275 Drag Radials with around 2600hp, 449ci Small Block Ford and a pair of 88mm Turbos! Check it out at the North Star Dragaway x275 race track!

The cameraman`s reaction at the beginning of this video says more than enough. In fact, that`s the reaction we had when we first saw this monster, on video! Additionally, you have the chance to see this car`s interior as well as the suspension. These screenshots complete the image of this monster! Afterwards, it is show time! This beast is going to do some racing! When the crew member was describing this vehicle`s specs at the beginning, he mentioned a figure of 4.66 seconds as its fastest time! Later on, the Falcon went to the track and managed to cross the finish line in 4.7 secs at 159 mph! Not bad at all!

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