We all know well that more often than not, little kids are not really aware what are their parents really doing when they go to work, even if it was explained to them well. And on the other hand, it is a common knowledge that parents are the biggest heroes to their kids, no matter what they do. Well, I think that here we have a situation when these two, seemingly unconnected things, are merging into one, and we have a toddler who suddenly realizes that his dad really does and becomes some sort of a `superhero daddy!

Some of you will say, how come we have a superhero daddy? The following video shows us a little boy with his mom, who is a son of Norfolk Southern Engineer, watching his father driving the train, and actually understanding what is it that his dad really do! The little boy had seen a few other passes before, but was not really aware that it was his dad who was driving that huge and powerful machine! And don`t you think that this makes him a true hero in his eyes? A superhero actually? Yes, it does, if you ask me!

Well, maybe some of you would have been more impressed if instead of a train, there was a scene with some dragster setting the strip on fire, or some fast as hell bike performing some totally crazy stunt! But hey! This is a kid we are talking about, and do you really think that any of those could be a match for a train?! Come on…

Check out the video and enjoy it! And if you want to see another toddler`s reaction when his dad takes him out for drifting, go to this link.