VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED! Chevy Camaro SS 69 Show Car Is Completely Destroyed By Fire In A Trailer!

The devastating power of fire can spread insanely fast leaving massive woodlands to nothing but smoke and ash. However, it does not take a huge fire to induce immense destruction. A single misfortunate misfire or spark can destroy something you have worked on your entire life in a matter of minutes. This unfortunate Chevy Camaro SS 69 show car experienced the devastation of fire fist-hand. The trailer in which the show car was transported caught fire. Even though firefighters managed to quickly extinguish the raging fire, the car is a complete loss. Details on what exactly happened are a bit sketchy.

According to a witness, the truck`s driver stopped to examine the arising smoke coming from the trailer. As soon as the driver opened the trailer`s hatch, the fire rapidly grew and engulfed the whole trailer. Firefighters never stood a chance. No details about the cause of this unfortunate fire have been released. Though, the culprit can be something very simple like a frayed wire or an oil leak. Whatever the reason, the Chevy Camaro SS 69 is completely destroyed. The woman in the video, who supposedly is the car owner`s wife, goes ballistic on the firefighters. Emotions can run high when you see your beautiful creation being destroyed like that.

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