ELIDE FIRE BALL Is A Perfectly Safe Automatic Fire Extinguisher!

Firefighters` profession is among the most dangerous in the world. They put their lives to the risk in order to save others. Often, the risk is too big and it unfortunately can end up with fatalities. However, that risk is going to be put to a minimum thanks to the invention featured in the video we have prepared for you today! It is a word of Elide fire ball – a self-activating fire extinguisher! You could nickname it as the anti-fire bomb!

So how does this thing work? Firefighters are still needed, but not always, in order to place the Elide fire where the fire is. Also, some of the perks are that anyone can use it, it activates really fast and it is completely safe! All of this is demonstrated in the video clip below. You are going to see the amazing power of just one Elidefire fire extinguisher in different situations. Additionally, the Elide fire will explode in the hand of one protected demonstrator and will also blast in front of three other unprotected demonstrators who will remain unharmed! Overall, the Elide fire ball is one remarkable invention! Only one self-activating fire extinguisher can put out both smaller and bigger fires!

At last, click here to visit the official website of the company that invented this amazing product!