It is time for another day of Geek Week with Colin! This Briton is known to be more American than half of our own country, you want to know why? Check this out and figure it out. If you have never been able to see the “art” of Colin, this guy amazes us with all kinds of different inventions that are funny and impressing at the same time! This time, he decided to amuse us with his new invention – THE TURBAQUE! The word is coined out of two ancient American words – Turbo and Barbecue- TURBO GRILL!

However, Colin decided that he wanted a new, more powerful BBQ, so he added a TURBO underneath to improve the efficiency! Well, the problem is that this one burns the meat so fast it is almost impossible to actually cook something, but, you know how it is – it is Colin we are talking about here! We must notice that it is not very smart of him to pull this experiment in a shed, but it was probably due to the poor British weather. Anyway, you have heard enough, please go to the link below, and enjoy the Turbo Grill, TURBAQUE!

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