Colin Furze Reveals The WORLD’S FASTEST TOILET +55 MPH!

We know you`ve seen some crazy stuff on our site, but there`s a whole lot more that is yet to be seen! Allow us to represent Colin Furze, a back yard inventor who surprised us once again with his newest innovation – Fastest Toilet!

We don`t know how many other moving toilets there are in the world, but this one is the fastest! Colin is going for the record, so he has created a toilet with 4 gears, a 140cc engine, automatic flush and a toilet roll holder exhaust! What more do you need in order to win the Guinness World Record for “Fastest Toilet”! One thing is for sure, own this one and you will never be late for work due to toilet problems. You can simply do your business on your way to the office. Get things done as you drive – we think they call it multitasking!

However, this one is definitely a must see! Once again it is proved that Colin Furze is the most innovative `back yard scientist` since stuff like this can only be thought of by him! Enjoy the fastest toilet and wait for more! Cheers!

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