Unique BIKE Powered Up By 24 CHAINSHAW Engines!

The majority of us will always have a silly idea in mind that will want to realize wherever there is a possibility to. But, you know, that is happening once in a blue moon, as the cruel reality dictates those childish concepts to stay as inappropriate ideas of ours. However, that is not the case with these awesome Germans who were determined to make their dream come true. Although a little strange, they succeeded to make the first unique bike powered by believe it or not, 24 Dolmar chainsaw engines. If you wonder why they did this, don`t ask us, as we still ask ourselves the same question.

Whatsoever, we must praise their willingness, boldness and determination to make this unique bike that although does not look normal, works like it is. If you ever have the chance to ride it, you may have troubles with the engine start, as you will need a hand to start all 24 Dolmars at once. At last, in case you care about the specs, according to the ones the chainsaw engine has, this concept bike can produce about 147 HP with 1920 cc.

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