Two-wheels driving is something very common in some countries and that driving style has it`s own word in the countries and it is called hagwalah. So, what are you about to see in this video, is not just a regular one side driving on two wheels, but much more, as the passengers in the car are believe it or not changing its tires. While they are being driven by a Toyota FJ-Cruiser, the five passengers with no problems are changing the wheels in order, we guess, to save some time. After that quick operation of 3 minutes, the Cruiser`s driver gets back on the road and continues to drive the car like nothing happened. To be able to change wheels while driving on two wheels takes both bravery and skill!

While our mechanics constantly try to do their job as safely as possible, these guys couldn`t care less about the possible injuries! Although doing this is really dangerous, we must admit that this video is incredible! We have one more reason to visit this part of the world, where the word impossible literally does not exist.

However, we are also sure that doing this is illegal is some states. It still looks incredible though.

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