Hello my dear fellow RC vehicles fans. Today we have prepared for you one really cool example of an RC pickup truck, equipped with features that make it different than the regular trucks. And, as you could have read in the title, I`m talking about the hydraulics installed in it, that makes it do things that are totally sick and bad! According to the information from the video description, this 1:10 scale RC lowrider truck has been redone, it got bagged, a brand new chassis was mounted, along with a new set-up of features that makes it do some really cool stuff. The second part of the video clip shows just how amazing it is.

Its owner also repainted it in green, in order to give it a more old school appearance, mounted pretty impressive wheels, and my overall conclusion is that it really is one hell of a cool RC lowrider truck, able to do some totally crazy things.

But, I think that it would be better if you take a look at it yourself, and afterwards, you can share your thoughts about it with us in the comment section below. And if you want to see the hottest RC trucks on the market currently, go to this link.