ANGRY Man DESTROYED More Than Half Of The POLICE Fleet Vehicles With A Dual Wheel MAXXUM 255 Tractor In Newport, VT!

The following situation is the perfect example of how can a police decision make the affected person rather angry. It is a word of an occurrence that happened several years ago in the state of Vermont. More precisely, in the rural county next to the border with Canada in the town of Newport. So what exactly happened there? As the TV presenter calls it, a Vermont style vendetta! On that fateful day, around noon, Roger Pion driving a huge, dual wheel MAXXUM 225 tractor RAN OVER several marked police cruisers and one unmarked carrying van. These vehicles are not just slightly damaged, but completely flattened! Everything inside, including radio equipment, radars, cages are completely destroyed! These police cars have been much of use when they were functional, now their place is the car graveyard. To make things even worse, these 7 vehicles are more than half of Orleans County`s fleet! This is quite a big blow for this police department!

But what made this man so angry to take his enormous tractor and destroy more than a half of the Newport police fleet? Roger Pion was not an unknown person to this police department. Prior to this situation, he was detained for possession of marijuana and resisting arrest as well. This detention made him take a tractor and make an incident in which fortunately nobody was injured. After this incident, we are certain that Roger Pion will not be allowed anywhere near a dual wheel MAXXUM 255 tractor! Unfortunately, we do not have footage of the whole incident. That would have been the most awesome thing on the internet though. Nonetheless, we are glad nobody got hurt and that the police arrested Roger Pion. You can watch the video to see the destroyed cars, and we guess that is something. Enjoy!

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