The Slædehunden Is One MEAN Machine Ready For Pulling Competition!

Life on the countryside was probably boring in the past. But as time goes by and with the rapid advancement of the technology, the dull days are slowly going in history. Why? Because there is always something entertaining to do, in the spare time, if you are creative enough. We have shown you a variety of videos with people having fun or inventing some interesting vehicles on the countryside. It won`t be a bad idea if you want to check them out. Anyways, let`s focus on what we have on today`s menu. And it’s the Slædehunden!

Once you press play, you will immediately know that the content of this video won`t be bad. Particularly if you are a fan of BIG stuff! In fact, who isn`t? This massive tractor is powered by two enormous engines! Now that`s music for your ears! While we are at this segment, you might want to increase the volume up so you can hear the magnificent start up sound as well as the idling sound! The best part is in the second half of the video, where both engines of the Slædehunden are running and doubling the pleasure!

Finally, follow this link to watch in action the twin turbo Diesel race tractor! Farmers started to conquer drag strips with this ultimate beast!