Driver Caught Doing Burnouts By The Police! Luckily He Pulled Through!

If you get caught red handed doing something which is not precisely safe and quite dangerous, in fact, you would expect to be sanctioned for it. Especially if the one who caught you is the state police. But this situation you are about to see is a rare exception and it definitely had something to do with this guy`s ability to perform burnouts. You cannot help to wonder what was running through this guy`s brain when he saw the police car approaching. The driver caught, probably expected some harsh words, some scolding and a definite fine in the end. Yet it obviously was his lucky day, because he managed to get away with it smoothly.

He was only told to be more careful. Perhaps the state police officer was so impressed by his burnouts that he let him go just like that. It is either that or the guy is simply charming, so he used that in his favor. Either way, he got away with it and you just might be a bit jealous of him. It is not every day that the police lets you go carefree for doing something quite dangerous. The driver caught can thank both his lucky stars and his mad skills for walking away unpunished!

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