Guy Carelessly DESTROYED His Precious NISSAN GTT R34!

Woah! That came completely unexpected! We are sure that not many of you would actually do the same as this guy did. Surely you would be excited and extra careful if you got your hands on the Nissan GTT R34. Surely you would cherish it and look after it all the time. Well, this guy managed to do exactly the opposite. Despite having such a precious thing in his possession, this guy just does not care. Unbelievably, he succeeded in causing a fire to his Skyline. You simply cannot stay cold blooded after watching him!


He set fire to it, damaged the Nissan GTT R34 badly and acted as if nothing catastrophic happened. Makes you wonder if he is aware of the silly thing he just did! He just cost himself a few thousand dollars for the repairs and the funny thing is -- there was absolutely no reason for it. Maybe he wanted to be a show-off, so he exaggerated a little bit. It truly will cost him dearly! Nevertheless, guys, if you are in such luck to acquire one of these bad boys, remember to always take care of them and never do them any harm. Do not get carried away like this guy did!

At last, follow this link to watch one cruel revenge video, where one guy destroys his cheating girlfriend’s car. Would you do the same?!

How to start a fire New Zealand*** style 😉 -- via Street FX Motorsport USA

Posted by Street FX Motorsport USA on Sunday, December 6, 2015