Highway Rage! Angry Volvo Truck Driver Forces A Toyota Hilux To CRASH!

Most of the time, a battle between vehicles means they are racing each other. However, that is not the case with the video we are sharing with you today! In it, you will see a classic example of highway rage! The whole “battle“ takes place in the middle of a relatively busy highway, between a Volvo truck and a Toyota Hilux. At the beginning, the Volvo truck driver tries to pass the Toyota Hilux.

This proved to be trickier than usual, and we suppose this is when the driver of the Volvo truck got angry! Not only he passes the Toyota, he immediately SMASHES his truck straight into the Toyota Hilux! Luckily, nothing happened to the driver of the Toyota pickup truck. However, the Volvo driver didn`t stop here! The Toyota driver instantly tried to pass the Volvo truck, but was intentionally blocked! This didn`t stop the driver of the Hilux to continue trying.

Every attempt to pass the Volvo truck was blocked by its driver. Every time the Toyota changed a lane, the Volvo truck did as well. Not only the Volvo driver changed lanes, he even used his brakes in the middle of the highway, almost causing a collision between him and the Toyota Hilux! This is definitely one of the most extreme cases of highway rage we have ever seen! Nonetheless, even though the Volvo truck was evidently angry, the Toyota driver didn`t give up!

He continued trying, and almost succeeded in passing the truck! This is when things got completely out of control. In what appears to be a desperate attempt, the Volvo driver smashed his truck into the Toyota Hilux, causing it out of the highway and making it crash! Many of us get angry while driving, but you have to admit that this is just too much rage!

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