DANGEROUS High Speed CHASE: Toyota Tundra Truck VS The Police! The End Was Pretty Nasty Therefore OBEY THE LAW!

Back in the day, until the 80s per se, people could escape the police easier than nowadays. Today, the advanced technology makes it almost impossible to escape from the police vehicles that come after you. Those who try that, have minimal chances to get away from the police. Nevertheless, there have been, there still are, and there will be people who will try to run away from the police. The video we have prepared for you today features one debatable police chase that ends pretty nasty. Why debatable? Because the Internet users have different opinions on this subject. What is not debatable however, is the fact that this Toyota Tundra truck lasted quite long in this chase! One would think that a truck would be caught within a minute or two. This truck driver gave the police a run for their money!
Some of the Internet users think that it could`ve end a lot sooner, other say that the police officers should have used some sort of tracker or set spikes on the road etc. However, the matter is that it is ALWAYS easier to express thoughts while sitting in cozy home, behind the computer. Anyway, the vehicle being chased is one powerful pick-up truck – a 5.7 liter V8 powered Toyota Tundra truck while its opponents are mainly Dodge Chargers. The chase ends with a successful PIT maneuver after with the Toyota Tundra driver had nowhere to go. No injured or whatsoever. Job well done. We are glad that everything ended the way it did. And also, we are very happy that we found this video, because it is excellent! Enjoy the incredible police chase, and don`t hesitate to tell us what you think in the comment section below!

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