We really cannot understand what makes people steal somebody else`s car. Or even worse, to steal a vehicle that is government`s property! It is outrageous! We see no satisfaction in such act. But of course, people are different and do various stuff that are not understandable for most of us. Nevertheless, this video you are about to see below features one interesting police chase! However, it is not one of those where the car is speeding on the highway, and helicopters are flying above it but the thief led the police after him in a 6-ton Humvee! What makes this situation bizarre is the fact that the Humvee was stolen by a military veteran! At least he had enough time to drive a stolen Humvee!

Anyway, the chase took place in Aiken County, South Carolina but previously the vehicle was stolen from a Georgia military base. The authorities state that 47-year-old military veteran Michael Warning, faces a number of charges like attempted murder. Furthermore, you are going to see him driving recklessly all over state property including both paved road as well as green surfaces. He even drives the stolen Humvee in opposite direction and nearly hits a police car!

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