CRAZY DRIFTER: What NOT To Do When You Are On A Highway!

Danger, excitement, adrenaline! Now, with this video, these three words have another synonym -- stupidity. As you can see, it is in the middle of the day and everything on the highway is under control. And suddenly, something happens! A car starts doing nonsensical and dangerous thing on the highway, as the crazy drifter is putting everyone around at risk. Reckless! This kind of behavior can easily lead to major road accident, which can have many victims and material damages as a result. A disaster which may be easily prevented. All it takes is common sense and obeying the traffic rules.

Despite the fact that adrenaline, danger and excitement are addictive, one can never let himself/herself do stupid things which put everyone`s life at risk. These two Japanese cars are the perfect example what NOT to do when you are on the road. This video is a lesson for everyone that being on the road means that you have to take responsibility for your actions and you should also bear in mind that there are others around you. Unless this is the case, there should at least be a sign near the road that says: “Attention! Crazy Drifter on the road”.

P.S. Here are some useful resources and tips on how to drive on a highway and be a confident driver!