This 900HP BMW 335I Wagon Is The Perfect Family SLEEPER Vehicle!

A power-packed family sleeper vehicle is something that we here at MuscleCarsZone cherish a lot and it also makes us laugh uncontrollably. It`s extremely hard not to fall in love with a 900HP 335I sedan. Especially when you see this wagon performing awesome burnouts that produce entire clouds of smoke. This is exactly what this family sleeper manages to do at a drag show. This video uploaded by Car Throttle shows the BMW 335i wagon to be modified to produce up to staggering 900HP.

9000HP BMW 335I Wagon Sleeper Vehicle 2

The car is going like a monster on a drag strip. This vehicle is loud, aggressive, stealthy, and fast. We think these four words describe this beasty sleeper perfectly. There`s absolutely nothing better than a vehicle like this matching a supercar`s speed.

Just imagine yourself driving around with your daily car fetching groceries or driving after leaving your children at school when all of a sudden, a supercar appears. You roll down the windows and challenge the supercar driver for a race. Probably that driver will laugh uncontrollably at your little jest and call you a comedian. However, just imagine that driver`s expression when his $200K exotic is being blown away by a family sedan. Having said that, owning a sleeper vehicle such as this one is lots of fun. It can also make you a lot of money on the dragstrip because everyone with their powerful exotics will want to race you. However, no one will know what it`s going up against. Sleepers are the best!

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