There are a few things that make a CAR the real MONSTER!!! Besides the engine, which is very important for a certain vehicle, the horsepower, torque and so on, the EXHAUST SOUND is something that really matters and people are often capable of judging the car by the SOUND!!! However, we have a DODGE CHALLENGER loud exhaust sound here in this video which is MOPAR CUSTOMIZED!!! Knowing this, you probably have no doubt about the exhaust sound of this one as it provides real THUNDER from its rear end!!!

In the video bellow, this beast is getting ready for the DRAGSTRIP at MOPAR NATIONALS which is to be held down at Dinwiddie in Virginia! We are not afraid and we are sure that this Classic Muscle Car will put one hell of a performance down at the Dragstrip as it will probably go way under the 9s in a 1/4 mile! This video is actually taken with a great CAMERA as the sound is truly hearable and you will get the REAL impression of what this car is all about! We would recommend headphones just be careful not to put the volume so high, otherwise, the SOUND is all yours!!!

Plus, if you want to hear the Challenger loud exhaust that only a 43 years old muscle can bring it to you, click here to watch a 1971 Challenger R/T in action.