Is This 12-Year-Old Kid The New Drift King?!

All bow down to the new drift king. EEDC and Formula Drift fans are pretty familiar with the racing team – HGK Motorsport.

12 Year Old Kid The New Drift King 2

This garage is responsible for building some pretty insane purpose-built BMW drifting monsters. One of these crazy cars is Kristaps Blušs` Formula Drift E46. However, HGK being HGK and never failing to surprise, they decided to build a car for 12 year old Latvian Nikolass Bertans. This kid is a drifting aficionado which HGK quickly recognized that. Grasping the opportunity, in one of their latest projects they decided to build this kid a car.
The dream car this kid uses for drifting now is a BMW E36 M3. The stock M3 uses a S50 engine. However, this has now been replaced with a 6.2L LS3.

The LS3 has become the regular swap when it comes to the drifting community. Other drifting mods feature rear angle kit and Wisefab front. Elsewhere, you can find Feal coiovers, rear radiator setup, Wilwood brakes, Winters differential, Samsonas sequential gearbox, and more. When it comes to the body, this pro M3 now features a completely prepped chassis with crash bars underneath a staggering carbon Kevlar body. However, since Nik is a 12-year-old, other adjustments had to be made. The steering wheel is able to be pulled closer and also the pedal box is adjusted to suit Nik`s small frame. With all of the things we said, it`s not good to call this car an M3 because so little of the stock car is left. Nevertheless, this is one awesome vehicle for the new drift king.

Finally, check out as this kid drifts out of control!