Got To See Tanner Foust Formula Drift Champion Use This 400 HP Polaris Slingshot X Deathmobile!

This vehicle that Tanner Foust Formula Drift champion is using called Polaris Slingshot will definitely grab your attention. The Polaris Slingshot has a very V shaped body that also looks very aggressive. The looks of this vehicle reminds us of the transformers a bit, even though it is not a robot! This year was the annual 75th Daytona -- Bike Week. And for this show Polaris made a collaboration with Slingstreet, Slingshot X and the one and only, Tanner Foust Formula Drift champion. Tanner Foust is also the host of Top Gear US. This collaboration was made for them to build vehicle that has never been seen before.

This custom Slingshot, as mentioned before, was built specially for the Daytona -- Bike week. This Slingshot is one of a kind! The stock 2.4 L GM engine was upgraded by the internals being replaced. In its place, a custom turbocharger was placed. The result is a 400HP Slingshot!

To help Tanner Foust Formula Drift champion keep Slingshot right, side up, there were further modifications to help manage the vast amount of extra performance this deadly Slingshot produces. Slingstreet and SlingshotX placed a tuned four speed trans which is automatic. It has paddle shifters (manuals), a tuned Q A1 suspension! The slingshot has Sparco Seats for Tanner Foust Formula drift champion. It has also HRE wheels with Continental tires.
Tanner Foust Formula Drift champion has a huge abhorrence when it comes to tires. And that is why you have this great video.

In this video Tanner Foust Formula Drift champions uses the Slingshot at his disposal while turning San Diego into his own private rallycross course. We can see him doing a jump and lots and lots of big drifts. We can see Tanner Foust showing an outstanding control of his trike. Clearly Tanner Foust Formula Drift champion is extremely good at his job. And we are sure you will enjoy seeing him at work here.

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