Lifted VW Beetle BAJA BUG With Amazing Suspension Represents A Major Attraction In San Diego! MUST SEE!

The following video named “Urban Assault: San Diego Shark Attack” features an off road beauty – a lifted VW Beetle equipped with amazing suspension, or in other words Baja bug! In it, you are going to see a severely modified off road vehicle with huge tires going up and down the streets of the wonderful city of San Diego.

Not only this lifted VW Beetle does that, but it is also driving up the sides of highway barriers, taking shortcuts to empty parking lots by running over some vegetation, jumping curbs and more!

Lifted VW Beetle With Amazing Suspension Represents A Major Attraction In San Diego!

Plus, the driver is using most of this Baja bug`s capacity and he is showing us that with several jumps! Of course, it wouldn`t be polite from us to forget to tell you to increase the volume of your sound devices because this lifted VW Beetle produces magnificent engine sounds! Additionally, you are going to watch it doing doughnuts, making some skids etc.

What truly characterizes this video is the fact that it was recorded during the day with no intention of hiding the identity of the crew albeit there have been some complaints from worried citizens. Anyways, this recording was shot on the Interstate 5 as well as the downtown San Diego streets through Ocean Beach.

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