Are You Ready For A TOTAL DRIFTING MADNESS?! Check Out The RED BULL DRIFT SHIFTERS On The Streets Of Auckland!

Each and every drifting aficionado who is really dedicated to following all the important things, events, innovations, and individuals who mean something in the world of drifting, knows very well that New Zealand has been on the world drifting map for a long time. And not just as yet another place where the best in the world of drift-driving are coming to perform an exhibition, and just entertain themselves and the spectators. No! Auckland is a place on the map which is a very important spot, where the cream of the world of drifting comes to show their worth, and what they`re made of!

Thus, it was only logical that one of the biggest sponsors in this sport, the Austrian energy drink manufacturer, Red Bull, have decided to put the name of the city of Auckland under its wing, and organize an utterly attractive drift competition in it.

The following clip that we have prepared for you in this article, is from 2014 Red Bull Drift Shifters, where some of the best drift racers from all over the globe had come in New Zealand`s capital, for another high octane edition! And thanks to the original concept of this event, these exceptional men behind the wheels of those drift monsters, had the opportunity to simply let go, and break from the traditional way of dual car battles.

This time, they were racing against the time on the clock, and were trying to score points from the automated speed. And thanks to it, there was a real madness on the streets of Auckland, and everyone present there, could`ve felt the adrenaline rush, cutting the air like a razor blade.

So, without any further adieu, check out the video below, watch this outstanding drift action, and feel the rush yourselves! Afterwards, if you want to continue watching hardcore drifting action, go to this link, where something really cool is waiting for you!