Ready To Feel A Drift-Adrenaline Rush?! How About This CRAZY STREET DRIFTING COMPILATION From June 2016?!?!

I guess that when it comes to feeling the adrenaline rush caused by a drifting performance, every skillful and exciting sideways driving clip, could do the job. Perhaps, when we are watching just one ride raising hell and creating clouds of smoke, get us more focused into the specifics of the performance. But still, if we want to just relax, let our mind go off for a bit, and just feel the thrill and the rush of all that drifting action, a well edited compilation is one of those things that can always `fill the void` the right way. Which is why, today we have decided to show you the following street drifting compilation, made out of the recent drift clips from this year.

It`s not `limited` to only one part of the world, let alone an event or a specific ride, but it shows us a variety of jaw-dropping sports cars, from all over the world, having fun driving sideways in different places. From open roads, through busy city streets, to open roads and highways, cars like BMW E46, Nissan GTR and Nissan 350Z, as well as some other models that are a little bit atypical choice, when it to comes to a drift ride. This compilation gives us plenty.

So, just check out the video clip below and have fun the following 11+ minutes, watching some of the best and craziest street drifts from this year. And if you`re interested in reading a cool article about the best cars to build into drifters, click here.