You Took NISSAN 350Z To The Shop & Saw The MECHANIC Driving It!

That is exactly what happened to a guy named Randy Jones and his Nissan 350Z, who works as a manager in a Taco Bell restaurant, in Moreno Valley, in California. Yes, it was a bummer, but not just for him, because the two mechanics from the Raceway Nissan were caught off guard, and ended up loosing their jobs!

And this is how the story began. Randy bought the Nissan 350Z and had it for a while, but he was having some problems with the suspension, after having it wrecked some time ago. So he took it to for a repairing at the Raceway Nissan, in Riverside, and then went back to the nearby Taco Bell restaurant where he works.

Only a few hours later, his great white Nissan 350Z was spotted in the drive-through of his very own restaurant by one of his employees. At first he could not even believe that it was his car, but after he approached it and saw the guys from the Raceway, everything became clear.

But, if you want to find out everything about this unusual story, and see that great Nissan 350Z with your own eyes, check out the video below. Afterwards, you can share your thoughts about it with us, and tell us what you think about the whole case!

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