All of you who are following the professional drifting scene on a little bit closer basis, are very well aware that many times, mechanics are working on some pretty crazy and intimidating builds. But this one, named as a Project RADBUL, that has been pieced together for some time, and which we are going to present to you in the video below, is coming from New Zealand, and it could very well be one of the most insane examples that we had seen in a long time.

The insanely powerful machine is built for Mad Mike Whiddett, a pro-drifter who is known for pushing boundaries, and this monster will probably be the very climax of his career so far. They have been working on this powerful car for quite some time now, building it in the most unconventional way, so that the shock value would be right off the scale.

As you will see it in the video yourself, the car still is not 100 percent ready, but is definitely coming there. Project Radbul, which is expected to boost over 1 000 HP, is a combo of a few different machines, with a short wheelbase from Mazda MX-5, packing a Twin Turbo motor, and many other custom components, all adjusted to Mike`s vision and wishes.

So just watch the video and get more up close and personal with this insane drifting machine, and if you want to find out much more details about it, go to this link.