WORLD’S FASTEST RAT ROD – 2000HP ’28 FORD By Robert Killian!

We have had loads of videos of Rat Rods on our website, you have all probably noticed that! As we move on and get more and more videos we suddenly bumped into this one – the 28 Ford Rat Rod with 2000 horsepower!!! Moreover, this is definitely the fastest Rat Rod in the World and that will be proven after you watch this video!!! What`s even more awesome is the fact that it is street legal!!!

The proud owner of this MONSTER is Robert Killian who named his incredible ride Jed. The guys from Jon Kaase Race Engines powered this feller with 820 cu! It was then tested at the great race track down at the South GA Motorsports Park! Many are delighted with this Hot Rod especially after the testing! Without further delay, you should all know that this BEAST went a 1/4 mile in just 7.4 seconds with 184 miles per hour!!! No wonder it’s dubbed the world’s fastest rat rod! Pretty impressive, huh?! The best part about it is that it did not even looked that hard. He simply started the engine, gave it a “little” gas and off it went! We sincerely hope that this is not the last we hear of our dear Jed!!!

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