One Of The Coolest HOT ROD Monster With DETROIT DIESEL 16V-7! Wonderful Machine! Congratulations!

Hot Rods are one of those custom made vehicles that are always in the hot spot of the attention with their unusual and non conventional looks, especially some hot rod monster, and engines and all the things that make them so much different from all of the other cars.

What we have here today is a true Hot Rod monster that is still under a construction and from what we can see from the way things are moving so far it is going to be one hell of ride!

There is still not much specs about the vehicle itself, but from some of the old videos we were able to see previously (while the car was still in a early stages of development), its constructors started with a completely wrecked up vehicle that barely even resembled a car, let along the thing that is becoming these days.

From that small amount of data we found, the car will be boosted with an engine that generates over 1 500 HP, controlled with an automatic transmission.

So, check out the video and see what a wonderful job these guys are doing and what kind of a hot rod monster is about to start rolling on the streets.