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crazy rat rod miami 2014

Crazy & Funny Rat Rod at 2014 DUB SHOW MIAMI! MUST SEE! HA HA

If you love those (sometimes) weird looking but also incredibly inventive creations, an extreme custom made cars like the rat rod that you are about to see in the following video, than this one will really nail things the right way for you. It is one of those funny looking rat rods which makes heads […]


Omaha Nights: Fox Body BEATER BOMB vs Yamaha R1 vs GSXR 600 vs ZX10R!

What we have here is a video of one of the Wednesday night car meet & cruise nights that guys do over there in Omaha, where many, many cars are getting at the parking lot, and later start cruising the streets. Some interesting encounters over there as you are about to see, this time between […]

35 Chev Towtruck

Isn’t This the Coolest Tow Truck You Have Ever Seen?

One of the good things of driving along the highway is that you can ‘bump’ on all sort of vehicles, many times a real freaks of engineering, but also, many times a really cool and nice things, just like this great looking yellow tow truck that you are about to see in the video bellow. […]


1967 Chevy Nova Gives a Real Rumble to the Dyno! OMG What a Blower!

What we have here is a video of this great KPE Racing built 1967 Chevy Nova at the garage, after having some problems on the first leg of the drag week tour. Actually it was a lean pop that made this awesome muscle car to stop running for a short period, but that is only […]

Camaro Dream Rod SC454

Started With a Dream & Drawing – End Up With The Unique Camaro Dream Rod SC454!

What you are about to see is one of the best looking custom made Camaro creations ever made – a product of chasing a dream that eventually, after a lot of hard work and creative brainstorming, had become true. Therefore, the following 13 and something minutes video is a story about Dale and how he […]

1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS

WOW! A Real Black Devil – 1969 Chevy Camaro SS That Will Leave You Speechless!

If this isn’t one of the meanest and the most ominous looking ’69 Chevy Camaro SS that you have ever seen, than send me photo of the one that you think it can blast it away! But after watching this video, I seriously doubt that you would even think about something like that. This really […]


BADA$$ Monster Energy Trophy Truck & Ballistic B.J. Baldwin in the #RECOIL 2! 1,5M VIEWS!

Hoonigan and Monster Energy teammate BJ Baldwin just made the Recoil 2  video with the craziest ever trophy truck hoonage in Ensenada, Mexico.  This Monster Energy trophy truck it’s a real “badass” and of course is driven by B.J. Baldwin. Check out this latest installment of #Recoil and after you click the play button you will know why we feel the way […]


“Killer 6” Mustang HUMILIATES the 720HP Nissan GTR! Enough Said?

I’m sure that if you ask the question ‘who would win in a drag race between V6 Ford Mustang and Nissan Skyline GTR, nine out of ten gearheads will point you at the GT-R. But things are not always as they seem to be and life is good because it is full of surprises and […]

Tim O'Hare 5 seconds camaro

INSANE: 5 Second ’69 Camaro Drag Race Car Owned by Tim O’Hare!

Tim O’Hare is one of the rare pro drag racers who actually care how his race car looks like. He and his crew are pretty much fanatical when it comes to the car’s appearance and many times, during the mid-season, they take the car to the body shop without any sort of serious damage, just […]


ILLEGAL Street Drag Race: 700HP Corvette C6 Z06 vs 700HP Mustang GT500!

FINALLY we have found some amazing Street Drag Racing! This tuned 700HP Corvette C6 Z06 is racing against this stunning 700HP Mustang GT500 on the STREET! This ‘Vette C6 Z06 it’s real BADA$$, however it is not hard to notice that has slick and the Mustang street tires… Maybe that’s one of the reason why the Mustang […]