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Want 2-Door Modern Charger – GOT IT! Check This Custom 2013 Model At Detroit Autorama!

As you know the original, old school Chargers only came in 2-door version. I really don’t know why they started to make a 4-door model? Even if their target were your families with children, a lot of Mopar fans are disappointed because there is no 2-door coupe version. They actually destroyed the image of the biggest selling […]


Scott Gillen’s 1932 Ford DeLuxe – a Real Stunner!

This sure is one of the most interesting specimens I’ve seen in a while. Scott Gillen’s ’31 Ford DeLuxe was his long time wish – a car that he can use for going to work and race it during the weekends. Those who have more discerning eye will quickly recognize that they have a real […]


Very Rare 1965 Ford GT40 Goes For Sales On Auction!

I’m sure that when it comes to a mid-engined fast cars, first thing that comes to your mind are the European sports cars. But we must not forgot that from time to time, some extraordinary car of this class is coming out from the American car manufacturers as well. We will remind you on some […]


Great Video of Formula Drift Championship in Miami Covered By GoPro HD HERO3 Cameras!

As some folks are saying, drifting is the new football and if we can judge from how much interested there is about this sport, we would not dare to contradict that though so easily. And what is there not to like about watching some of the greatest drivers of race cars on earth showing off […]


The BEST Tips on How to Sale Your Car at Auction!

For quite some time now, cable TV car auction are pretty much popular, exciting and entertaining, mostly because of the unique and rare cars that are being shown in front of the eyes of million viewers. Thus it is gaining respectable popularity amongst the mainstream audience and in the same time is making an impression […]


Photos & VIDEO of the Greatest Junk Yard in Fresno, California!

We have made a great photo gallery of this amazing junk yard at Turner’s Auto Wrecking in Fresno, California, full of or sorts of interesting things… It is a mind blowing fact that there is a such ’treasure‘ where one can find all kinds of things in Turner’s Auto Wrecking in Fresno, California. And when […]


Desert Races: Introduction With the Car Culture in Saudi Arabia!

We will try to give you a close picture of the world of automobiles inside Saudi Arabia by introducing you with car enthusiasts, unique desert highways and all of the challenges this country has to offer to a real car fan in a constant search of adventures, excitements and original experiences… I’m pretty sure that […]


INCREDIBLE: V8 and V10 LEGO Engines Running On AIR! Tutorial Included!

The LEGO engines are not consisted from 2 camshafts as it looks like but from a crankshaft and camshaft. This of course has it’s own advantages and disadvantages. Advantage is definitely the space savings and the design of the engine in general. Disadvantage is that a lot more moving parts in the game that take […]


OMG! 1,170HP – 101mm TURBO Cadillac CTS-V at Pikes Peak Air Strip!

Probably the CRAZIEST car we ever encountered on the Air Strip Attack at Pikes Peak! This Cadillac CTS-V is equiped with 1,170HP V8 Engine With  101mm TURBO and it’s a headturner everywhere it goes! Can you imagine how it feels to take a ride in the passenger seat while this beast is competing on the 1/2 […]

1968 electric mustang

750HP 1968 Electric Ford Mustang With Totally Different Equipment Under The Hood!

It is a well known fact for every Ford Mustang fan that there are no many examples where EVs and Mustangs are seen functioning together. But today we have exactly that – a fine specimen of a 1968 Ford Mustang, modified with totally new and different equipment under the hood from what we are usually […]