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Look At This Black & Red Beasty Truck! Meet 2014 AVORZA DODGE RAM 3500 Truck!

Black & Red Beasty 2014 AVORZA DODGE RAM 3500! Would You Drive This MONSTROUS Truck?

You know that we always appreciate people’s unique ideas to modify stock vehicles as they motivate us to fulfill our own dream car creation. Well, once again we have that pleasure to introduce you a brand new vehicle custom-made with a very good sense of taste. Say hello to Avorza Dodge Ram-3500 dually black-and-red edition. […]

2009 Brimstone Quadracycle

AWESOME 2009 Brimstone Quadracycle at the 2014 Geneva Concours d’Elegance!

Check out this incredible 2009 Brimstone Quadracycle at the 2014 Geneva Concours d’Elegance! This thing looks absolutely fantastic! The Owner of this unique ride is Joe Skonecki. You can find more info on www.BrimstoneCycles.com WATCH THE OTHER VIDEO OF THIS QUADRACYCLE IN ACTION ON PAGE2! Enjoy the video below! Feel free to Like, Share & Comment! Pages: […]

big block blown camaro drifting

AWESOME Drifting Action With A Big Block BLOWN Camaro! EARGASM INCLUDED!

Once you got your hands on such a muscle monster like this Blown Big Block Chevy Camaro that you are about to see in today’s video, it is obvious that one has to have a lot of guts to do a hard core drifting performance and rip off the asphalt and create a clouds of […]

Square Wheels Hit The Road! Get Ready For Some Vibrations!

UNBELIEVABLE: No Vibrations With Square Wheels ON! Do You Believe In This MYTH?

We are nearly all fans of Mythbusters, we love their sense of humor; the concept and the uniqueness of the show and of course their ability to cross the limits. With high risk and lots of desire to break the myths, Adam and Jamie continue to prove us some rules in the world of cars, […]

diesel powered impala

12 Valve Cummins Powered 1966 Impala! Damn That’s One Crazy Ride!

Check Out This 12 Valve Cummins Powered 1966 Impala Doing Some Massive Black Smoke and Burnout! Damn That’s One Crazy Ride! Do You Want It In Your Driveway? Enjoy the video below! Feel free to Like, Share & Comment!


STEALING Diesel Fuel At The Gas Stations With GAS SIPHONING SYSTEM! A Smart Thief Right Here!

The Sheriff of the Marion County have arrested 3 persons for their involvement in 3 diesel fuel thefts on the 3 different gas stations in this County. The thefts has used a specially equipped van  with the gas siphoning system and used it to steal diesel fuel with the worth of over $3,000. The have […]

Viper Vs Viper! Stock vs Modded! Watch The Difference!

Viper Vs Viper! Stock vs Modded! Check The Difference!

Viper lovers your day has come as today we have the most awesome video ever prepared not by one, but two Dodge Vipers that hit a public road in order to identify the difference between a modified and a stock version of the car. The orange Viper is the one that has intake and full […]

See This Dyno Pull of 1894hp Twin Turbo Ford GT! We Have Some Serious Power Right Here!

Texas Mile Fastest Car DYNO RUN: 1894HP Twin Turbo FORD GT With Some INSANE PULLING!

Fast car creators cannot brag with their babies without some previous tests on their product like for example a simple dyno run. On that particular step we have found one more candidate that will surely enter in the club for the fastest cars in the world. Say hello to this Twin Turbo Ford GT that […]

dodge charger fast and furious

Are You Ready For This? ONE of the FOUR 1970 Dodge Chargers from “Fast & Furious” – Everlasting Perfection!

If we go a little bit back in the days, in the beginning of the 2000s , when the first “The Fast and the Furious” movie got out, there was an impression that the domestic muscle cars will loose the battle by the modified import sports cars. But it only seemed that way at the […]

The SECRET is revealed! How to repair worn out tire! Must See Video!

SHOCK: You Bought A Second Hand Car With “NEW” Tires? THIS IS HOW THEY REPAIR THEM!

Today we have a little training class for you that will definitely prepare you for your next ‘second hand’ car purchase. Moreover, after watching this shocking video you will no longer be fooled by car sellers, who will try to convince you that a car has new tires on. Actually, what is happening in this […]