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OMG! Crazy A$$ LEGAL Street Racing Prank! Those COPS are so Damn COOL!

Street racing is a fun thing, right? But as you will see in the video bellow, pretending to be drag racing on the streets illegally could be even more fun! You do not think so, well, I think you are about to change your mind after watching this video… These guys came up with a […]


A Demonstration of Just How Fast the Challenger Hellcat is (VIDEO)

By now, most of us have already reed the articles and heard the stories about the speed and how fast of the new Dodge Challenge Hellcat is. But we think that a little demonstration through video would really nail the whole thing just the right way. Most of the muscle car fans, only a few […]


Heller Ford’s 1967 Ford Mustang Restomod Supercharged!

Those of you who are following the world of cars, know well that Restomod builds are not uncommon, even though there are not many who are trying to blend the old school with contemporary style. And just as it happens, sometimes when you try hard to mix these two things, things end up in a […]


Take a Look at This Perfect Ultraviolet Challenger SRT8 by Jeff Dunham!

Even though we do not want to make a lot of noise when it comes to celebrity cars from the SEMA show, this time we could not stay indifferent when we saw this perfectly done Ultraviolet 2012 Dodge Challenger SRT 8. It is in a possession of the comedian Jeff Dunham. Some time ago he […]


Meet with Three Generations of ’Mustang Family‘ !

We are all aware, both from common knowledge and from personal experience that people around us (especially the closest ones – grandparents, parents…) are influencing on many things we do in life. And just like with many other things, later on we become aware that things we do are consequence of that influence. That is […]


2000HP 1968 Dodge Charger Hemi Maximus! LOVE ON FIRST SIGHT?

A short film from a NRE TV, about how the best car at SEMA 2013 had come from an idea to a true star of the event and many more things that are about to happen – the 2000HP Hemi Maximus. In this video from the Nelson Racing Engines TV channel, episode 218, you are […]

1936 Chevy Pickup running 8's

8′s 1936 Chevy Pickup Truck with a GIANT TURBO! This Thing Will Blow Your Mind!

Check out this insane 1936 Chevy Pickup Truck with a GIANT TURBO! It has inline 6 cylinder engine with 1000hp and it weights about 3000lbs! This thing is running low 8 seconds on 1/4 mile and will definetly blow your mind! BADA$$ is all I can say! Anyway, what are you expecting from the truck […]


OMG! This 1 300 HP GMC Sierra Pickup Truck is Going Over the Top (VIDEO)

We are always looking for new and exciting things to see and to get inspired from and when we come across something like this by accident, than all work is worth well and the excitement is something that further away from being something ordinary and everyday entertainment… This monster you are about to see in […]


Is This the Fastest LS Powered Corvette Ever Built? 4.15 @ 185mph on 1/8 Mile!

In the world of tuned up drag racing cars, we have all seen all sorts of creations with monsters and beasts under the hood and as far as the world of the legendary All American cars, the Corvette goes, this one is probably the fastest LS powered Corvette that was ever built. It is in […]


Mad Max: Fury Road – First Look Trailer! (HD) 7M VIEWS for 2 Days!

the original director George Miller and original writer of the original “Mad Max” movie are on board again for the remake of “Mad Max” film. We are very excited after seeing the official trailer for the “Mad Max: Fury Road” because we are pretty sure the movie will be totally mad, with insane vehicles, especially […]