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11 Classic Muscle Cars ABANDONED in JAPAN

11 Classic Muscle Cars ABANDONED in JAPAN! Late 60’s Mustangs, 70’s Camaro, Pontiacs & Corvettes! Let’s Get Them BACK To US!

This awesome American Muscle-Car graveyard was eventually discovered by the Australian Exprorer of Japanese Castles, Daniel O’Grady. He has found all of these rusty classic muscle cars in Kurume City on Kyushu island in Japan. The pile of junk includes more than 11 iconic American muscle cars from the late 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, mostly Camaros and […]

Procharger & Supercharged C6 CORVETTE FROM HELL Spits Flames on the Streets of Florida

Supercharged C6 CORVETTE FROM HELL Spits Flames on the Streets of Florida! SOUNDS NASTY!

Check Out This Stunning Supercharged C6 CORVETTE FROM HELL Spits Flames on the Streets of Florida! This Thing Looks Scary and SOUNDS NASTY! Anyone knows much did he spend on the car? Check the YouTube channel of the owner! This beast was all black!

Your Car Headlights Can Shine Again By Using This Easy Trick! Amazing!!

Yellow, Old, Dingy Headlights? NO PROBLEM! This Easy TRICK Will Make Them SHINE Like NEW AGAIN!

This week we have set apart the most outstanding educational videos that can really help us with our car’s problems. So far, we have learned how to fix dents, remove scratches, etc, and now we go even deeper with our solutions, as it is time to restore the dingy headlights. Old and yellow headlights of […]

Son Buys The DREAM CAR To His MOM

Son Buys The DREAM CAR To His MOM! What A Wonderful REACTION! What Would YOU Buy To YOUR MOM? 6M VIEWS!

The Christmas is coming and we are all looking for some presents for our family. This guy has bought His Mom’s DREAM CAR For A PRESENT! Check the wonderful REACTION and tell us what would YOU buy to YOUR MOM?


WOW! Check This TURBOSPOKE Bicycle EXHAUST System! Is This The BEST Christmas PRESENT For Your KIDS?

Check This TURBOSPOKE Bike EXHAUST System! This thing can fits to any bike and the realistic engine makes it sounds and look like a real dirt bike! The sound is created with the clever sound chamber with the plastic cards that are long lasting, joined by the megaphone exhaust pipe used as an amplifier for the sound. Is […]

most powerful stool

THE MOST POWERFUL Bar Stool! Check The Sounds Of This V8 395HP ENGINE!

Every now and then we come across something totally crazy that blows away our mind and leaves us with the jaw on the floor. Here we have one crazy, off-beat little machine, that is craving with astonishing level of horsepower that will not leave any motor head indifferent. It is a small block V8 Chevy […]

Motorcyclists You Must Always Have A Pack Of Zip Ties! They Can Be Very USEFUL!!


Tutorial videos are always welcomed in our club, especially if you prefer to do do-it-yourself upgrades on your vehicles. This time our focus is motorcycles’ tire removal and the lesson is how to implement the so-called Zip Tie method. Wondering how the method works? Well, believe it or not you really need only a pack […]


A Drag Strip Face Off Between Charger and Supra!

You have got to admit that this very much sound like the quarter mile challenge from the first part of Fast and Furious, when Vin Diesel and his 1970 Charger and Paul Walker with the Japanese bolid are facing each other in the last sequence of the movie. Fortunately this contestants’ drag race does not […]

10 MAJOR Reasons Why We Will Never Forget PAUL WALKER

10 MAJOR Reasons Why We Will Never Forget PAUL WALKER! MUST SEE!

Here are the 10 MAJOR Reasons Why We Will Never Forget PAUL WALKER! More than one year ago, we all lost a true epitome and gentleman of what it is to be a real car guy. The world is not and for sure never will be, the same without the man who inspire me the most! […]


CHRISS HARRIS is Analyzing the ‘The Secret’ Behind KEN BLOCK’s Gymkhana 7 SUCCESS!

I’m sure that there is not one Ken Block fan out there who is not familiar with his awesome Gymkhana Seven AWD 1965 Ford Mustang and who does not want to find out a little bit more about the car that the top of the line maestro is using, in order to do all those […]