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1969 Chevy Camaro “Draco” by Fesler!

This 1969 Chevy Camaro, called Draco is the baby of the Fesler Built project. Regarding its looks, this beauty has caught the eye of several magazines and of course, has been part of the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Anyone who has ever restored or built a vehicle on his own, knows how hard and […]

Shelby GT "Police Chase"

Rocking & Rolling with Mustang Shelby GT on the Streets of LA – Even the Cops Can’t Resist it!

Wow! Even though it is not brand new, still, I’m sure that many of you have not seen it, or perhaps forgot it (but I seriously doubt that, because…), but this great Ford Mustang Shelby GT commercial is so epic and awesome, that is really worth of your time, watching it over and over again. […]

AMAZING Top Fuel Drag Bike Crash

The Luckiest Drag Biker EVER! Flung off his Bike & Got on to the Competitor’s Wheelie Bar!

There are bikes, Super Bikes and Drag Bikes! The latter ones, those big monsters on two wheels powered by engines with enormous horsepower that can sky-rocket on the drag strip and make Flash Gordon look like a retired Sumo wrestler. But, if one happens to loss control over it, even for a moment, consequences could […]

Batmobile Gets Pulled Over

This is What Happens When Cops Pull Over a Batmobile – Batgirl & Batman in Lambo (2 VIDEOS)

You are driving down the street as you usually do and all of a sudden, the Batmobile passes you by at high speed. The traffic police see it all and decides to react, but there are in for a good surprise. See what happens in these two hilarious videos that we have prepared for you […]

miniature chevy small block V8 model engine

World’s Smallest & Most Detailed Chevy Small Block V8 Miniature Model Engine!

If it was a regular Chevy small block V8 engine, it probably would not have been a big deal, but this is far away from being regular, or ordinary – it is something that most of us have never seen. It is one of a kind and truly fascinating miniature Chevrolet’s small block V8 engine, […]


Outlaw Buggy in a Police Chase! Burnout in Front of the POLICE! Hell Yeah!!!

A Busted Knuckle Film Production is giving us a pleasure of this great and entertaining video of stunning buggy in a hot police pursuit… What we have here is one hard core, awesome looking, rock bouncer buggy from CSC Fabrication getting prepared for a little photoshot session, when a traffic police car appears on the […]

Crazy 650hp TT Duramax Burnout

SMOKEY & MASSIVE Burnout by a 650HP TT Duramax Pickup Truck!

When you have a highly modified pickup monster at your ‘disposal’, every once in a while, trashing out a perfectly new and good set of tires seems to be coming perfectly natural. And this TT Duramax with a real beast under the hood that generates astonishing 650 HP is simply bagging to show off its […]

W18 miniature engine

Constructing The World’s Smallest Miniature W-18 Engine! The Art of Engineering!

Oh my God, whilst watching this great video, I felt like almost being hypnotized – it is that good! It is a segment (part 8) of an entire documentary on designing and construction of a perfect miniature W18 engine, with a compressed air injection engine that is exploiting the air as a source of energy […]

Dragon Fyre Jet Engine Pickup

OMG! INSANE Jet Engine Ford Truck “Dragon Fyre”! This Thing Is Ready to Fly Away!

When a man gives and devotes himself completely to achieve the highest possible number of horse and torque power out of the engine, things can get carried away a little. And in those moments when the red thin line between the reality and the world of fantasy and desire starts to vanish, one can end […]

Dodge Challenger Drag Pak Test Vehicle

The New Dodge Challenger Drag Pak Test Drive! Can You Handle It? Hell Yeah!

As we all know pretty well, somewhere in the late 2000s started the new introduction of the factory-made drag musclecars. And along with other car manufacturers like Ford, Dodge also joined in this club. With a model like Challenger Hellcat, Dodge really has something to be proud of. But the ‘Hellpussy’ is much more for […]