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Furious-7-banner 600X300

EXCLUSIVE: The Road To ‘Furious 7’ ADDICTIVE Video Trailer! Can You Wait till 04.03.2015?

We are sure you could not wait for the newest top car chases, crashes and races in the seventh installment of Fast & Furious movie. This new film promises to be another amazing show with car fueled rides, handsome men and beautiful girls. This stunning trailer gives us a very good look back at the […]

diesel powered impala

12 Valve Cummins Powered 1966 Impala! Damn That’s One Crazy Ride!

Check Out This 12 Valve Cummins Powered 1966 Impala Doing Some Massive Black Smoke and Burnout! Damn That’s One Crazy Ride! Do You Want It In Your Driveway? Enjoy the video below! Feel free to Like, Share & Comment!

duramax diesel chevy impala

This Is A Way to COOL! Duramax Diesel Powered Chevy Impala Smokes a Lamborghini!

Check out this amazing drag race between this stunning Diesel Chevy Impala and a Lamborghini Gallardo. The 1965 Impala is powered by a Duramax Diesel engine! Watch the video and see how the Classic Beast, smokes this supercar! Enjoy the video below! Feel free to Like, Share & Comment!


OMG! Meet with the Newest 2014 Monster Girls! Choose Your Favorite!

I do not know what is worst, whether it would be driving without knowing that you brakes are broken or trying to concentrate before the race watching the incredibly sexy Monster Girls. The video that you are about to see is dangerous – up close and personal with the sexiest, Dirt Shark Crew’s 2014 Monster […]

Triple Turbo Cummins vs Camaro ZL1

Triple-Turbo Dodge RAM vs Camaro ZL1! Ugly or Not it ATE that ZL1 ALIVE!

Check out this amazing drag race between this Triple-Turbo Dodge RAM and Camaro ZL1 at at the Las Vegas drag strip! As you can see Camaro ZL1 can not keep up with the runaway Dodge Ram. Maybe it will help if this ZL1 had something more than a cold air intake and new set of tires! What […]

TT Duramax Vs C7 Corvette

Blacked Out TT Duramax Humiliates Corvette C7 On The Highway! BADA$$ Truck!

Check Out This Amazing Video How This Blacked Out TT Duramax Humiliates Corvette C7 On The Highway! This is One BADA$$ Truck! Share Your Thoughts With Us! Enjoy the video below! Feel free to Like, Share & Comment!

Dodge Challenger Wheelie Slow motion

I Can Watch That All Day! 1974 Dodge Challenger Wheelie in Slow Motion! So Much Torque!

There probably is not even one gearhead out there amongst you, who does not feel the heat and get an adrenalin rush when you see a great muscle or sports car doing a wheelie while it is launching on the drag strip. And when you have a highly modified muscle car, like this classic monster, […]

hot rod shooting flames

Check Out The Coolest Hot Rod Shooting Flames! Wild Thing, You Make My Heart Sing!

One does not have to be a real sucker for Hot Rods or flame shooting engines to feel the heat and get excited by the performance of this great looking Hot Rod, with very powerful and mighty engine, simply called The Wild Thang. The event is taking place at Rev it Up Car Show, where […]

KAM NOVA - Rides by Kam

Ultimate BADA$$ KAM NOVA vs Tatooed Girl Mechanic! Choose Your Favorite Poison!

We have prepared one hell of thrilling and sexy video about the Kam Nova, the latest product of Rob Zahabi, an awesome looking 1970 Chevy Nova in black, paired up with a gorgeous looking blonde model that is not really recommendable for those with week heart. Believe me when I tell you that a combination […]

64-Continental-Airs-Out 2222

The Meanest & Dirtiest 1964 Lincoln Continental! This B*tch is Breathtaking!

As the title goes, this is probably the badest and meanest looking gangster car you have ever seen. I do not know if guys like Snoop Dog or 50 Cent had seen this ultimate ride – I do not think so – but if and when they do, they will probably want it no matter […]