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1969 Camaro Street Rod

Amazing 1969 Camaro by The Roadster Shop & Steve Holcomb Pro Auto Custom Interior!

Are you one of those “custom made cars” fans willing to transform old timers in a beautiful modern vehicle? If the answer is yes, then you are on the right place. 1969 was a year when lots of today’s brands were born, but you will all agree with us that that was a year when […]

ken block gymkhana 7

FINALLY: KEN BLOCK’S GYMKHANA 7 – Check This Wild Ride From The Streets of L.A.!

FINALLY KEN BLOCK‘S GYMKHANA 7 was unveiled today! I’m Speechless Guys, So I Will Leave You To Check This Wild Ride From The Streets of LA! Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us! Enjoy the video below! Feel free to Like, Share & Comment!

Amazing Facts About Cars 2

Read These AMAZING 20 Facts About Cars!!! You Will Be Shocked By #11!

Car – the three-letter word that connects us, an important part of our everyday life and something we cannot imagine living without. 1886 is considered as the year when the modern car was born and until now lots of things have changed, regarding our second home. Millions of models have been created, billions have been […]

1967 mustang eleanor

OMG! Check Out These Top 10 Most Expensive Mustangs Sold On Auctions!

Not so long ago, the first sale  ‘15 Ford Mustang GT passed the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction block at and plenty of people were wondering if its gonna hit a new record. The car was sold for an amazing $300,000 in support of the JDRF, but strangely it didn’t make it to the most expensive ‘Stang […]


The Story About Ronin Motorcycle Drew Me In & The Completed Video Blew Me Away! These Bikes are GORGEOUS!

As much as we are use to watching new and attractive models of motorcycles, there is always something new that is appearing on the surface in the world of bikes. The following example that we have prepared for you in this post is really something worth of your attention – a custom built motorcycle, named […]


Transformer Man Turns Into Toy Car That Moves With Speed of 19 km/h!

The entrepreneur Drew Beaumier has created a costume inspired by a Transformers movie intelligent robots. Finally, we can see the effects of his work. A man dressed in the costume looks like a robot from the movie Transformers, because putting on he transforms into a vehicle that can move forward at a speed of about […]


EARGASM: 1970 Dodge Charger Supercharged 7.2L / 440 cid big block V8 engine in Helsinki!!!

EARGASM: 1970 Dodge Charger Supercharged  7.2L / 440 cid big block V8 engine in Helsinki!!! Check out this LOUD MUSCLE with incredible V8 and exhaust SOUND! Enjoy the video below! Feel free to Like, Share & Comment!

1967 chevelle ocd

Dreams Come True! Cruise Around In THE BADDEST ’67 CHEVELLE You’ve Ever Seen! 3 VIDEOS

A ride in a 1967 Chevelle SS 572 is almost everyone’s dream and when you have the chance to fulfilled, happiness meter is over the top! That this statement is true, we have 3 short video proofs that show the beauty of driving this retro beast. Built by OCD Customs in Spokane, Washington, this machine […]

Liebherr T-284 The Largest Dump Truck

Liebherr T-284 – The LARGEST Dump Truck in the World! Can You Imagine Driving This 203-TON BEAST?!

LIEBHERR it’s a German heavy equipment company specialized for production of the the biggest Dump Trucks in the world! Liebherr T 282B is actually their largest model and it is not only huge but is really weird! This thing weights 203 tons and it can carry a weight up to 365 tons! That means this monster […]

sleeper miata shocks z06 corvette

Streets of Nashville: Turbo Mazda Miata SLEEPER Smokes 600HP Z06 Corvette!?

Looks can be deceiving, we all know that. But the video that we have prepared for you today, is proving that claim better than anything else. It is one hell of a good clip for all ‘classical’ gearheads and need for speed addicts, as we have these two great looking and highly modified race monsters […]