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Coyote powered Mustang 3rd gear wheelie

OMG! This Coyote Powered Mustang Perform a WHEELIE in 3rd Gear & WINS!

As you are all very well familiar, all kinds of weird and original moments can be seen and experienced at almost every drag race competitions – cars pulling amazing stunts, most unbelievable crashes, weirdest cars you have ever seen and of course, the things why we all watch drag races, spectacular battles and wins. Thus, […]

smallest vs biggest

The World’s Smallest V8 (3 CU.IN) vs Biggest V8 Engine (1001 CU.IN.)!

These is the The World’s Smallest V8 (3 CU.IN) vs Biggest V8 Engine (1001 CU.IN.) comparison! Check the info and videos bellow, feel free to comment and don’t forget to share it if you like it! 1. The World’s Smallest V8  with less than 3 CU.IN (45CC) is scratch built V8 engine joined by the Megasquirt […]

Blown 454 big block acura

EPIC WTF: Acura with a 454 big block with a Blower!

It is not like it is the most powerful modified car that you have ever seen out there, but somehow, it does not look like your ‘everyday’ modified monster, because, as we all know it very well, Acuras are pretty small cars, and when you mount 454 big block it looks like it is just […]


OMG! “Cherry Bomb” 1968 Camaro! Just Send that Ride to my House!

When you have an ambitious idea that you are willing to realize, visionary team and enough positive vibes and will power to do it, than the final result is inevitably awesome. Such is the example with one of the best muscle cars that I have ever seen in my life and which we are going […]

1967 mustang eleanor

OMG! Check Out These Top 10 Most Expensive Mustangs Sold On Auctions!

Not so long ago, the first sale  ‘15 Ford Mustang GT passed the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction block at and plenty of people were wondering if its gonna hit a new record. The car was sold for an amazing $300,000 in support of the JDRF, but strangely it didn’t make it to the most expensive ‘Stang […]

Chevy bel air Crash Driver Walks AWAY

UNBELIEVABLE: Drag Race Driver Walks Away Unharmed After Hard Crash With His ’55 Chevy!

Acceleration, Top Speed, Sound, …also one of the main reasons why we all love Drag racing are some really spectacular crashes. Check out this guy and his drag car 1955 Chevy Bel Air at the Colorado Street Outlaws event at the Pikes Peak International Raceway. He was racing against a Camaro and after he nearly made […]


OMG! Check Out Mat Frost’s 2800+HP 1967 HULK Chevy Nova!

I have got to admit to you that there has been a while since I have seen such a beauty, so perfectly built and constructed car to the very last detail that gives you an adrenalin rush only from watching it on the monitor. That is the type of car that we are going to […]


Meet the “Balls Deep” – Cummins Powered Ford! I Would Do Dirty Things to That Truck!

To tell you the truth, even though there are no specs about it, or at least some general info about what is under the hood, when I saw this BADA$$ Ford pickup truck for the first time, I thought that it is ready to move the mountain. Cummins powered Ford truck that should run over […]

dirt drag racers

WORLD’S BADDEST SH!T! 3000HP Pure Dirt Racing Greatness & Adrenalin Rush!

If you are into ultra BADA$$ dirt racers and extremely powerful and mighty engines, than the video that you are about to see bellow would be a real bullseye for you. Because what we have here is a video compilation with some of the best moments and machines from the Outlaw Pro Stock on the […]

6 yr old riding Harley

6 Year Old Boy Drives Harley Davidson! He Has the Coolest Dad in the World!

Every time I see a video like this, it makes my heart sing and gives me a feeling of happiness, watching little kids developing their love for daddy’s favorite toy, which will soon become his. If you ask me, there won’t be a long time until we see this little fellow’s first video in which […]