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1936 Chevy Pickup running 8's

8′s 1936 Chevy Pickup Truck with a GIANT TURBO! This Thing Will Blow Your Mind!

Check out this insane 1936 Chevy Pickup Truck with a GIANT TURBO! It has inline 6 cylinder engine with 1000hp and it weights about 3000lbs! This thing is running low 8 seconds on 1/4 mile and will definetly blow your mind! BADA$$ is all I can say! Anyway, what are you expecting from the truck […]


OMG! This 1 300 HP GMC Sierra Pickup Truck is Going Over the Top (VIDEO)

We are always looking for new and exciting things to see and to get inspired from and when we come across something like this by accident, than all work is worth well and the excitement is something that further away from being something ordinary and everyday entertainment… This monster you are about to see in […]


Is This the Fastest LS Powered Corvette Ever Built? 4.15 @ 185mph on 1/8 Mile!

In the world of tuned up drag racing cars, we have all seen all sorts of creations with monsters and beasts under the hood and as far as the world of the legendary All American cars, the Corvette goes, this one is probably the fastest LS powered Corvette that was ever built. It is in […]


Mad Max: Fury Road – First Look Trailer! (HD) 7M VIEWS for 2 Days!

the original director George Miller and original writer of the original “Mad Max” movie are on board again for the remake of “Mad Max” film. We are very excited after seeing the official trailer for the “Mad Max: Fury Road” because we are pretty sure the movie will be totally mad, with insane vehicles, especially […]


Callaway Cars and Chevrolet’s 25th Anniversary of the Legendary B2K Twin Turbo Corvette

The one of a kind relationship between Corvette and Callaway Cars have started in 1987. From then until today, Callaway Cars is the only firm who has Corvette’s performance modifications as a standard production option package. The benefit that buyers have from this is that by choosing B2K option, they are getting substantially reworked twin-turbo […]


Tracy Hebert’s C5 Project is Boosting Drag Power on the Road!

With a wish to build a real street car, Tracy Hebert was asking for an advice for the famous Yellow Bullet message board and in December of 2011 he started a project he believed it would last six months. And began this project with a construction of a twin turbocharged big block powerplant that would […]


Extremely Powerful 3,000HP Twin-Turbo Mustang Takes of the Strip into the Air!

Most of the time, there is a lack of power and strength into the vehicle, but this time we have the exact opposite of that and the consequence of all those 3,000 horsepower is not really pleasant for its owner. I’m sure that when the tuning job on his Ford Mustang was done, Dennis Bailey […]


“Wrath of the Titans” – 3 000 HP Cadillac Vs 3 000 HP Corvette!

If you are into cars with real monsters under the hood, than this would be the perfect video of a drag race between two insanely tuned cars: Twin-Turbo Cadillac and Twin-Turbo Corvette, both of them with engines that generate over a 3,000 horsepower! Even by looking at them, one can not remain indifferent, it becomes […]


Want 2-Door Modern Charger – GOT IT! Check This Custom 2013 Model At Detroit Autorama!

As you know the original, old school Chargers only came in 2-door version. I really don’t know why they started to make a 4-door model? Even if their target were your families with children, a lot of Mopar fans are disappointed because there is no 2-door coupe version. They actually destroyed the image of the biggest selling […]


Scott Gillen’s 1932 Ford DeLuxe – a Real Stunner!

This sure is one of the most interesting specimens I’ve seen in a while. Scott Gillen’s ’31 Ford DeLuxe was his long time wish – a car that he can use for going to work and race it during the weekends. Those who have more discerning eye will quickly recognize that they have a real […]