Factory Car Stereo vs Aftermarket Stereo

A long car ride is always more enjoyable when you can listen to music or a podcast. If you’re a stickler for sound quality, then you should expect nothing but the best from your car stereo.¬†This leaves a lot of people to question if their factory car stereo is up to their standards. Could they improve the audio in their car with an aftermarket stereo? Today, we’re going to discuss factory car stereo vs aftermarket stereo so you know which one is a better choice for your car.¬†

If you spend a significant amount of time listening to your car stereo, then there are many benefits to choosing an aftermarket stereo. Keep reading to find out what they are.

Factory car stereo vs aftermarket stereo which one is better?

An aftermarket stereo is typically a better choice than the factory car stereo.

This is because the factory car stereo doesn’t produce as good quality sound as an aftermarket stereo can. With so many different aftermarket stereos available, you can choose one that’s right for you.

Many vehicle owners notice a massive increase in quality once they upgrade their audio sound system to a market stereo.

The audio is clear and capable of going louder. The factory car stereos are quite basic and nothing to get impressed about. These stereos are usually cheaply made, which is why they don’t always sound the greatest.

Why aftermarket stereos are a better choice

If you enjoy listening to the radio or a podcast as you drive around, then you will notice a big difference in quality between the two stereos. An aftermarket stereo will greatly improve the audio experience in quite a few ways. The most obvious difference is the frequency response. 

Aftermarket stereos are typically made with new technology. They are capable of much better frequency response. This means that when you are listening to the stereo, the high parts will sound high and the low parts will sound low. Everything will sound how it is supposed to. 

Another benefit is that you can have access to the latest options from the likes of Apple and Andriod. For example, installing a BMW wireless CarPlay stereo will dramatically improve your stereo experience.

There will also be much less distortion as well. If your factory car stereo often sounds fuzzy or scratchy, you won’t have to deal with that anymore using a better quality aftermarket stereo.

Are aftermarket stereos louder?

When you use an aftermarket stereo, you can turn it up when your favorite song comes on and everything will sound crystal clear. Since factory car stereos are generally cheaper, they can only go so loud before they start to sound off. With an aftermarket stereo, the sound is still on point when you turn the volume up.

Another benefit to the aftermarket stereos is that they are able to receive more power. This allows them to play louder, which music fans really appreciate. 

The speakers that come with factory car stereos are weaker as well. That is part of the reason why they don’t sound that great when you turn the volume up. Aftermarket stereos allow you to listen to your favorite music loudly and clearly.