Traveling? Here are 5 places to avoid driving

It can be difficult to avoid driving in the city you live in. But, as a traveler, it can be a little easier. While some travelers like to see their sights from a car, taking public transport or walking often gives a better sense of the city. Avoiding the car simply means a little more planning and organization. There`s nothing wrong with driving when traveling, but it`s important to know what the attitudes to driving are like beforehand. Some places aren`t particularly safe for travelers. Here are some places you should avoid driving, if possible.

Traveling Here are 5 places to avoid driving 1

Texas, US

While driving is basically a necessity in the States, studies show that Texas is a dangerous place for driving and car accidents. It has a high rate of motor vehicle deaths, and aggressive driving is on the rise (if you`re a victim of aggressive driving and need more info see this Fort Worth aggressive driving accident lawyer).

As a traveler, it`s best to avoid driving in states where accidents are common. A car accident could ruin your travels and cause a lot of stress.   

Mumbai, India

Most people find that Mumbai is generally an unpleasant city to drive in. With uneven roads, frequent traffic and most drivers ignoring the rules, the city is full of hazards. While it was once known for its attitude towards driving, the standards are quickly slipping. Those visiting Mumbai are much better off taking public transport or walking. 

London, UK

London is a notoriously difficult city to drive in. Londoners are famously and unapologetically in a rush to get places, and the roads are no different. Drivers find themselves snarled in traffic for hours and confused by one way systems.

Parking prices are extortionate, too – if you manage to find a spot anywhere near your destination. Make life easier for yourself by travelling via tube or taking one of the sightseeing buses. 

Moscow, Russia

Russia is a huge country, and visitors might be tempted to hire a car. However, some Russian cities are dangerous for driving, such as Moscow.

Lane theft is a widespread problem and, because of this, roads can easily become blocked. Many people visiting Moscow are shocked at drivers` lack of consideration for other cars, and this can make it a stressful city to drive in. 

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Brazil is an incredible county to visit, but driving in Brazil isn`t for everyone. Sao Paula is a notoriously stressful city for driving, as it has many wild dirt roads which might have pot holes or mud pits.

Driving a car in Brazil also involves the risk of theft and robbery, especially when sitting at traffic lights. This can make driving a stressful experience that might be best avoided.