Steps on How to Trickle Charge a Dead Battery and Maintaining It

Dead Battery. What is worst than having these just before you have your grand vacation? Or much worse is when you are already in your destination, and your engine happened to be not working. Imagine these scenarios and you are doomed for life. This leads us to the question, “How can we stop it from happening?” Again, “Who wants this at the most crucial point of your life?” Of course, the answer is “Nobody.”

In this article, you will know what a trickle charger is, and how it could solve your issue about your car. Also, let us try to enumerate some common causes of having a dead battery and how to maintain it. Get to know more about this and click here. 

What is a trickle charger?

It charges the battery back to its life. This is also called battery maintainers, which is commonly used by vehicle owners to keep their cars full of charge. The electricity is supplied in a trickle way that is why it is called a trickle charger. It saves the battery life of a car, motorcycle, or boat.

Why should you use a trickle charger?

Some batteries are known to have self-discharge. And because of this, the trickle charger does the work to prevent this from happening. It brings back the electricity to your car. It can function overnight while it maintains the power using slow charging. In addition to that, this also reduces possible overcharging and overheating, which are caused by regular chargers. 

Causes of Having a Dead Battery

Whether you own a car or a boat, you must be aware of its capacity and quality. But of course, there are instances in life that we cannot prevent bad things from crossing our paths. And this includes getting yourself a dead battery. So, what causes it?

  1. Charging System

In order for your car to run, the charging system must be functioning well. The alternator could be one problem for this. You have to make sure that it is producing the right voltage that your car needs or else this will cause a major problem in your car. And if it is not working properly, definitely the car will not start. 

  • Corrosion in Battery

It happens when hydrogen coming from it is combined with other elements near it. This brings white or blue stains in the terminals. Because of this, your battery does not charge properly causing it to die. To avoid this, always keep it clean by checking on it before you leave. 

  • Weather

You might have noticed sometimes that your engine will not start when the weather is cold or hot. This occurs if your battery is already weak and not in good condition. It takes a lot of effort for it to rev up the engine.

  • Car Lights Left Turned On

Keep in mind that anything you use in the car that consumes electricity could lead to your battery dying down. It pertains to car parts and accessories. It could be your headlights, interior lights, and devices that were left turned on is the problem here. Even though your car is already off, still there is wasted electricity. 

Steps on how to trickle charge your dead battery

  1. Park the car in a safe place.

Before you start charging, make sure that you are in a safe place away from people. Charging could emit hydrogen. It may not be harmful to humans when breathed, but it could cause an explosion. This should be taken carefully.

  • Prepare the battery.

This should be in good condition when you start charging. Remove corrosion that is in the terminals. Keep it dry and not wet to avoid possible problems. This will keep you safe too.

  • Connect the cables to it, and start the charger.

Now that you have placed the cable to it, get ready for the start of your charging. Ensure that it is connected properly. Once done, turn on the switch of the charger. This should start supplying electricity to your car already.

In addition, you can use this resource for more information about this topic. And now that you know the steps on how to trickle charge your dead battery, let us go to how you can maintain it in good condition. 

Maintain your Battery`s Good Condition

Right before you go out on a vacation or before you begin running your errand, always remember that you have to check your car`s condition. This includes your vehicle`s battery. This step is very important because it saves you time, effort, and money. So, how should you maintain it in good condition?

  1. Determine whether it is new or old.

Since you will be driving anytime and anywhere, you have to check if it has been used for a long time already. It is because an old one would need to be replaced ahead of time. A new replacement would hinder future car scenarios of getting stocked in a place. 

  • Check the electrical connections.

You may not see it coming, but this one should be one of your priorities too. Check the terminals for possible stains or corrosion. This will stop your engine from starting. It is either there is low power supplied or none at all. 

  • Check on the fluids.

Lacking of fluids in batteries could cause a major problem to the vehicle owner. There must be the right amount of fluids to keep it running properly. You can use distilled water for this one. Surely you will have a good flow of electricity to your car.

  • Charge it using the trickle charger.

It is best to do for vehicle owners. Charging it will keep the power maintained. You can use this wherever you are. It will preserve the charge and it will not cause any damage to your car. 

It is very important to be familiar with the use of a trickle charger. It does not only save you from doing your activities or chores, but it also saves you from other car problems. You will see the difference it can make. No more hassle for your future trips.