This Dead Battery Hack Can SAVE Your LIFE! Start Your Car With A ROPE!

Have you ever been in a situation where you had a dead car battery, and there was no one around to give you a push or jump start your car? It can be very frustrating and potentially dangerous if you find yourself in the middle of nowhere. This dead battery hack is the only thing you need to know the next time you find in a situation like that. All you need is a rope and a jack stand. But this hack will not work with any car. It works best with petrol cars, smaller engines and manual transmission cars!

There are few simple steps you need to follow. First of all you need to lift the front of the car until none of the front wheels is touching the ground. Then you put the car into 3rd gear and turn the keys. Next, take your rope and tie it around any of the front wheels few times. Finally all you have to do is to pull the rope as hard as you can and, voila, your car will start. So the next time you go somewhere out of civilization make sure you have everything you need for this dead battery hack!

Finally, learn how to change a dead car battery.