Epic Drag Race Ends With A Wheelstand By Cruz Pedregon!

Drag races might be short, but they sure are entertaining! Today we take a look at an epic drag race between Cruz Pedregon and Robert Hight. This showdown between both funny car racers ended with Pedregon doing a wheelstand with his ride! It took Cruz Pedregon exactly 4.244 seconds to get to the finish line at a whopping speed of 218.55 miles per hour! However, the time and speed was not the most impressive thing in this particular drag race. What made this race so spectacular is the wheelstand that Cruz Pedregon did, even crossing the finish line with the front tires up in the air!

According to the people in attendance, there were heavy winds on the track. Funny cars are not heavy enough to withstand heavy winds. Nonetheless, even while he was with the front tires up in the air, Cruz Pedregon still showed great control and handled it like an absolute boss! This just shows the magnitude of this guy`s skills! Although to funny car was a bit damaged after it landed, nobody was hurt. Also, we got this epic drag race video that we are sharing with you now! If you are a fan of drag races like us, you will really enjoy this clip!

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