Lambo? No Problem! BMW S1000RR Bike Overtakes Lamborghini With A Wheelie On A Public Road!

What we got here is one very intense street race between a BMW S1000RR bike and a Lamborghini. The guy riding the BMW bike was on his way home when he stumbled upon the Lambo while waiting for traffic lights. Ok, maybe he was looking for a race. This biker known as MaxWrist has a lot of videos doing very bold things with his bike. Some of us may be against his performance because public roads are not amusement parks. However, you can`t deny his incredible riding skills. His name is pretty cool as well which means turning the throttle to the max!

About his real name, that we don`t know. To be frank, it`s better for him to keep it anonymous because he can get in a lot of trouble with these videos. He is a real menace on the streets with his BMW S1000RR bike. He hunts down fast supercars like the Lambo here and teaches them a lesson. He completely humiliated the Lambo. When the lights go green, the Italian supercar looks like it has the upper edge. However, the biker quickly shows the Lamborghini who`s the boss. He overtakes the car with great ease and doing a wheelie in the process! Total annihilation.

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