Crazy Motorcycle Rider Risks His Life Between Trucks! Mad Skills Though!

Riding a motorbike invokes many senses that can`t be experienced during other means of transportation! All of these senses are a combination of relaxation, exhilaration, jubilation, and pleasure that simply said -- changes you forever! It`s an emotional and physical pleasure with a sweet combination of adrenaline and anxiety! Being said that, we understand when a skillful bike rider puts on a helmet and rides fast on a relatively empty highway! The adrenaline rush caused by such an endeavor is irreplaceable! However, what you are about to see in the footage below is something we just can`t approve! In fact, nobody in his right mind can approve such a thing! It`s one pretty crazy motorcycle rider with a Honda CB600F Horner!

As we said, it is one pretty suicidal exhibition! This crazy motorcycle rider rides his Honda CB600F Horner like in a video game! You`ll be able to feel the insanity of this driver right at the beginning of the video! The video starts with him yelling something on Portuguese and instantly going for a very small gap between huge trucks and cars! He continues to do so in an even more dangerous manner! With an increased speed, he repeatedly continues to go for extremely small gaps on those very busy Brazilian streets! All while riding like a lunatic, he is constantly shouting, adding even more lunacy to his erratic behavior!

However, we got to give some props to this crazy motorcycle rider. His mad riding skills are really out of this world! He is going through those gaps between trucks and changing lanes with surgical precision! He controls that 599 cc 120 HP Honda CB600F Horner like a god! Nevertheless, you can never fully rely on your skills, no matter how awesome they are! You can never count on how the others around you will react!

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