Are We Looking At THE FUTURE BEST BIKER In The World?

As we have witnessed many times before, this World is a magnificent place to live in! All the potential that runs the Earth and is ready to leave a mark in their sphere of interests makes it a startlingly impressive place to be! In that matter we would like to show you a young man that will definitely be well known when his days come! Not long time ago, we had articles representing other young kids that are way too talented for their age, best biker his age -- likeĀ Stavros the drifter from Greece!

This time we are here to present to you the future best biker, THE MODERN ALADIN as some call him! This barefoot young child is capable of riding his “carpet” (a bike in this case), without any difficulties! Not only does he ride a bike 3 times bigger than him, he also performs stunts as he stands on 2 legs on top of it! Pretty AMAZING you have to admit, we were truly jaw-dropped when we first saw him! So, if you are eager to see another miracle, another new hope in Motor Sports, check out the video below and feel free to give your comments on it!

Finally, follow this link to watch one awesome video with the cute 4 yo Jackson, who does huge drops and bike tricks on his way to the kindergarten!