This Kid Drives An AWESOME Corvette POWER WHEELS Model!

What were you playing with when you were 4 years old? If it was cars, it were probably some small models that we steered on our carpets! But it most definitely was not a C7 Corvette! And if you want to meet the 4 year old that has a better car than all of us, you will have to see the video! Its proud owner is currently on the tracks training! With his cute helmet on, he is now able to drive without speed limits while his “coach” is running after him and his Corvette Power Wheels model!

Even though it is only Power Wheels that we are talking here about, this little monster hides a 24V under the hood with two batteries! He even has NOS attached at the back of the car! We do not know if it is custom made, but this Stingray Corvette has double the power that it had when it got out of the factory! That is how this young feller is ready to RIP DOWN the runway he is practicing on! If this text amazed you, guess what is waiting for you on the footage! All you need to do is to CHECK IT OUT!

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