AUTOMATIC vs MANUAL Transmission!?

The automatic and manual transmissions are two completely distinct technologies. They both use different principles as well as configurations. The automatic one uses a complex planetary gear set. The manual, on the other hand, uses a more simple gear pair. One uses a clutch pack, while the other uses a torque converter. Automatic vs Manual has been one of the biggest debates in the automotive history.┬áThe channel “Learn Engineering” delivers a very nice transmission comparison.

Transmission Comparison Automatic vs Manual 6

It provides a nice logical demonstration as well. They explain by using some neat graphics! These explore a virtual transmission in order to demonstrate how the internal components work. They also go to explain which transmission is best suited for.

While both transmissions have their strong points, they have their weak points, as well. Therefore, it all depends on what you are doing with your transmission. Also, your preferences strongly affect the decision. Which one is best suited for you? If you were swinging between manual and automatic, this transmission comparison video will definitely decipher some questions you may have had. It will also help you to make up your mind. At the end of the day, both of these technologies are made by geniuses! They are some of the greatest contributors in the automotive industry. It’s hard for them to be wrong, huh? Many say that men choose manual. However, many disagree! What is your position? Click on the video below and tell us which application you prefer the most.

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