Teenage Girl Learns Manual Shifting In A 4 Speed Camaro 1971! Watch How She Handles It!

Back in the days, almost every teenager had to learn how to drive a car by driving a car equipped with a manual-transmission. Today, this ritual can be considered lost art. We are a bit saddened by this, because every gearhead knows, manual transmission may be a bit harder to master, but it`s a very good driving experience. The sheer adrenaline rush you receive from changing the gears at open throttle can`t be matched by many thrills, especially in a 4 speed Camaro like we have in the video below. However, with big technological advancements in electronically controlled automatics, real manual transmissions are a rarity in today`s automotive marketplace. There are many manually-shifted options, but they are clutchless, which destroys much of the fun of the experience.

In this video, we can see one upstanding young guy who entrust his girlfriend with his 4 speed Camaro 1971. She is given the chance to take this beautiful muscle car for a spin, and to learn manual shifting in the process. To be honest, she does one mighty fine job. While watching the video, we expected her to stall it or shift from second gear back to first, instead she manages to make it look nearly effortless. Her boyfriend is showing his anxiety a few times which is understandable. However, he teaches her how to handle the torquey F Body perfectly. It`s very refreshing to see teenagers driving a manual, hope we`ll see more of this!

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