How The MANUAL TRANSMISSION Works?! Everything You Ever Wanted To Know!

After showing you the video that explains the basic principles on which the rotary engine works, today we have prepared another one video clip that is going to show you everything you ever wanted to know about another important component of the car mechanics, the manual transmission.

Manual Transmission Gearbox How it works 2

Because I believe that ever since you first got behind the wheel of a car, you have found out about the everlasting debate of “Manual Vs automatic”, which probably won`t stop in the following years. And it is not like we think that by watching this video, we will help you to take a better stand in this discussion, but we simply think that it will be beneficial to give you a little knowledge, which may help you in a certain situation.

This clip will show you what is it exactly that makes the manual transmission so tick, and what is actually going on when you start shifting the gears, and your loving muscle, or powerful truck, starts to speed up. Why is the transmission so important and how it transfers the power from that V8 motor to the wheels.

In a case you ever wanted to know everything behind this process, this is a video that will make things as clear as day. So check it out and see it yourself! Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section below and share it with your friends!

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