I`m sure that I do not have to emphasize the fact that is here to give you the latest info about the world of cars and show you different types of video clips that will give you a chance to get up close and personal with interesting drag battles, setting new world records, see some funny situations, and other interesting moments from the world of Need for Speed and great muscle cars and awesome imports! But because we believe that there are many amongst you who are also interested in how the machines are working, today we have prepared the following video clip that will help you to find out more about the rotary engine basics, how it is put together, and how it works.

So just in short, the rotary engine is the type of engine with an internal combustion, just like the ones that you have in your own cars, but with a completely different method of working.

Just watch the rotary engine basics video below and see this great animation that may give you an answer to many questions that you might have had. And if you want to read something more about the rotary engines, go to this link.