How It Works – Manual Transmission Gearbox! Awesome Elaboration!

Automatic vs Manual is the ultimate debate that has been around for a considerable length of time and is not coming to a halt any time soon. Despite the fact we won`t see this debate ending, we believe that it may be advantageous to drop a bit of knowledge that could help in this situation. Without a doubt, you have probably driven a manual and possibly even worked on some as well. However, have you seen one on the inside when it`s being put to use? In this one, we have an awesome elaboration on the inside of a manual transmission gearbox while going through the active gears.

Usually, when driving, we are not thinking about what`s happening, but in reality, you can find a complex mechanism and series of events who are working for you to have a smooth ride. So, it`s very interesting to see this side of the manual transmission gearbox in all its glory. All of the moving parts inside this gearbox are working in a beautiful synergy to have a consistent and smooth shift every time. You can see the elaboration in the video below. So take a look, and don`t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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