Muscle Car Crash Test Exposed! Mustang, Camaro or Challenger?! Make The Right Choice!

A 3500 pound car travelling at 40mph into a massive block of steel and concrete. A $2500 crash test dummy over 40 high-tech sensors and a team of dedicated professionals. This is just some of what it takes to keep you safe in your car. The “Insurance Institute For Highway Safety” crashes around 80 cars a year. It`s a very precise and serious work which most importantly – save lives. In this muscle car crash test, we watch as three renowned American cars are being pushed to their limits. The selection is a Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro and a Dodge Challenger.

It takes days to prepare the car for a crash test. Installing testing systems, taking exact measurements and mounting the digital imagers, just so it all be over in less than 60 seconds. Some of the vehicles are graded acceptable, others good and there are some at the very margins of safety. It`s really fascinating to watch these cars slamming into the small concrete barrier with a force of up to 40G`s. The crash test dummy strikes the frontal airbag faster than the eye can blink. Less than a second after the impact, the car comes to a halt. Enjoy this muscle car crash test and share with us your opinions in the comment section below.

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