We thought that when it comes to the most famous American pony, we had seen it all and that there are not many examples out there that can surprise us. But, as the old saying goes “Never say never”, here we go with one example of a real Ford Mustang Monster that has completely blown us away!

The owner of this pony decided to transform the worldwide famous classic Detroit muscle into a monstrous mud bogger, with huge tires and powerful suspension that makes it rumble through the mud, making insanely cool jumps, and roaring like a real monster!

Watching it tearing up the courses and unleashing a real hell at the Barn Yard mud bogg, one would think that it is turning that dirt track into a 10-second drag strip pass! Thanks to that powerful motor under the hood (unfortunately we cannot give you the specs), that is feeding it with enough power, this Ford Mustang Monster mud truck is definitely one of the most impressive mud monsters that we have seen lately.

So just take a look at the footage below, and watch this ultimate pony in action yourself! And if you want to see the top ten scariest monster trucks, according to Motor Trend magazine, go to this link.