Yes, I truly am! But nevertheless, I`m still going to say a few things about it, because we definitely do not get to see that many beasts, that are doing a 400+ foot wheelie during a race, and even more, end up with a real knockout of a result! There is nothing more exciting and thrilling for every Gearhead, than to feel the smell of the burning tire at the beginning of the race, and listen to the car`s powerful engine roars. That is why we love drag racing, and all those highly customized drag monsters, like the following blown Mustang that you are going to see in the following video clip.

It features a few drag battles that are taking place at Tulsa Raceway Park, in which you will see this steel body blown Mustang beast, powered by a Blown BAE 520 cubic inch engine that is boosting astonishing 2 500 HP, running a few fast as hell Eight-Mile passes! It battles in the Outlaw 10.5 class, and as you will see it for yourself in just a few moments, it is running into the 4.20’s. And did I mention that it also runs the half of the strip carrying the front wheels?

Just take a look at the video and see for yourself what kind of a drag monster we have here! And if you want to see another impressive and fast as hell performance by Ford Mustang, click here.